Planning to Cruise Aboard your Boat?

Planning to cruise aboard your boat

Plan the Cruise

Planning to cruise aboard your boat doesn’t have to be just a dream. The very word planning is the first action toward your goal of cruising. Thinking about what you want to do is essential. Creating the steps required to achieve your final destination gives your dream a foothold in reality. Written steps allow you to see how near or far away your end goal is. So the very act of planning can even be measured. Back in the corporate world we learned that which is measured, is done.

Planning to cruise aboard your boat is something many of us fail to spend enough time on.  Planning includes research, lots of dreaming and sometimes we try to include that terrible S word – schedule. Nope. Let schedules stay in the corporate world. We cruisers need to be flexible with our calendars

Plan with Adaptability

Consider that the act of planning is essential before we set out on most vacations, trips or new adventures. Planning is essential for adventures like the great loop. It brings to light an important skill that successful cruisers must develop- adaptability. When planning to cruise aboard your boat the skill of adaptability can turn a problem into the best part of the adventure.

Recently we stumbled on a terrific blog about the planning each of us do to start our cruising adventure. This couple has a terrific plan with an end goal of looping. But 2020 certainly required them to adapt and refocus to come from a different perspective along the way. Enjoy their blog (right here) and you will certainly come away with a few pearls for your own plan.

Plan to Get Started

Most of us tend to dream big so getting started shouldn’t be the difficult part. But those big dreams can literally float away and never come to life. That would truly be a rude awakening. Conversely, your dream can become a nightmare if you fail to put your plan to action with the right steps.

When planning to cruise aboard your boat, we can show you how to get started with intention and the right steps. Whether you are a seasoned boater, a novice in boat ownership or aren’t sure how to tie a cleat knot or even what it looks like, here are a few steps to consider in your plan:

Wake up and start living your dream! Ask Captain Chris how we can help you begin planning to cruise aboard your boat. 772-205-1859