Next Step: Survey and Sea Trial!

Survey & Sea Trial

So you found the perfect boat and now your broker schedules a survey and sea trial. What’s THAT? you say….just Ask Captain Chris to join you aboard for your Survey and Sea Trial and he will help you better understand what’s being looked at, why it’s being looked at and what it all means. A marine translator of sorts.

If you are still a bit baffled, here is a link to a PDF “What to Expect of a Marine Survey” that can help you understand the fundamentals of a survey even before you go look at a boat for sale.

Ask Captain Chris to help

I recently worked with a couple while on sea trial for a Long Range Cruiser and earned my pay that day. Some translations were about 2 stroke Diesel engines. Huh? Do they really have those? Yes. And how do they compare to today’s diesel in most trawlers?

And what are they talking about 32 volts DC? 12 volts DC? 120 volts AC? 240 volts AC? And why are the propulsion engines 32 volts but the generators are 12 volts? I can help you identify and understand all the different AC/DC volts aboard the boat you are considering.

Five fuel tanks with a manifold for fuel supply and return. Return what? To where? And why? Three keel tanks and two saddle tanks are present aboard this Long Range Cruiser or LRC. Do you know why there are so many tanks? Weight distribution is important on a cruising boat.

Too Big, Too Small Or Just right?

Often you are looking at a boat with more systems than you’ve ever enjoyed before. This mini city can be overwhelming for the novice boater. We can help you break down and digest the equipment in manageable bites. Even help you see what can be easily DIY and what might be more difficult due to accessibility.  And, for those of you who have never owned a boat of this size, how do you handle a boat this big without a bow thruster?

We can help you understand all of these questions and more. That’s why you should include us on your Survey and Sea Trial as your consulting captain. We can teach you about your perfect boat and more.

If you have found your perfect boat and want to learn how to operate all the systems, Ask Captain Chris to come aboard and show you how.

Not ready for Survey yet?

If you do not have your perfect boat yet, join us in Vero Beach for a 2 day DIY Introduction to Boat Systems Seminar. Lots to learn at a seminar, both before and after you purchase your boat. Yes, we can accompany you on your sea trial as your Captain. You will still need a hull surveyor and I recommend an engine surveyor too, but I can join you aboard to help understand the slang and lingo being thrown around in survey discussions. And after the boat is yours we can help you learn how to operate it….Yes, even without a bow thruster.

Call us to Ask Captain Chris 772-205-1859.