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Boat selection, operation techniques including docking, locking and anchoring are just a few of the many terrific topics included in our video training series. Each episode can help the novice  or seasoned boater become a more confident cruiser. Captain Chris’s training Video’s will make a great gift. Click on each title to learn what’s included.

Anchoring – See how it’s done and why it works.

If you have ever dragged your anchor or listened to anchor horror stories from your boating buddies then this video will help you anchor like a pro.



There is more to navigating through a drawbridge than most boaters realize. Let Captain Chris show you many different types of bridges and how each many effect your cruising.



Docking – Believe it or not, larger boats are easier to handle!

Ask Captain Chris about docking procedures for cruising boats with single engine, twin engine or pod drives both with and without thrusters.



Locking – Know what to expect before entering a lock.

If you plan to cruise the Great Loop or are just curious about how you can take your own boat Locking Through on the waterways, our latest training video is what you need.



The Perfect Boat – What’s the best choice for you. Single or Twin engine.

Do you want to start Living the Dream aboard your own boat? Many of you may not have any boating experience but that’s OK! Maybe you have owned smaller, less system intensive boats and want to move up to something larger and more comfortable.


Navigation Made Easy

Buoys, Day Markers, Day Beacons and Range Markers. Learn how to glance at a chart and see the important information. Learn how to plan your cruise for a weekend, vacation or the entire Great Loop.