Classic Hatteras Rebuild

Starboard view of a fine fishing machine

What’s Old Is New Again

What do you do with an older Classic Hatteras Sportfishing boat? Rebuild it of course. These beautiful older boats are considered battleships on the rough ocean seas and have classic timeless lines at the marina docks. In fact, when this Classic Hatteras rebuild is done it will have you guessing how old she is. A lady never tells…

All New!

In the oil field and industrial marine world I have heard the term Life Extension Project. This is not simply rebuilding but totally outfitting the boat to newer standards. In the case of this Classic Hatteras Rebuild, I may assume the boat has been totally gutted. Look at all the gear – old and new- that is lying nearby and under the hull in the boatyard. It seems that everything is being reinstalled as brand new or totally rebuilt.

  • Look at the three new fuel tanks that were crafted to fit in this specific hull design. (Before you get too excited about a fuel tank replacement project, please read this article.)
  • Rebuilt engines
  • Running gear is being fitted.
  • New shafts, struts and cutlass bearings
  • Engine muffler system
  • Check out this video showing all of the exterior improvements on this Classic Hatteras Rebuild
  • Who knows what else?

Ask Captain Chris to Review and Interpret

When looking at boats to buy, study the systems to see if they have been rebuilt, replaced or simply spray painted to look good for pre-purchase inspection. If you see a boat listed as being a 1990/2021 that may mean the boat has been totally refitted and ready for another few decades of use…or not. It is best if you can see the receipts and understand depth of the project. Better informed means better prepared.

We can help you as a Consultant when looking for boats. Send me an email with the link of boats you are interested in pursuing further. I will preview the boat online and provide a written summary. That way you will know what to expect when you travel to the boat personally. If you prefer then I can meet you at the boat to help learn more about it BEFORE making an offer to purchase with your broker. We can even do a Face Time virtual boat tour. Lots of options to be better informed.

We also offer a 44 page pdf from our Ships Store to prepare you for the Survey and Sea Trial, a requirement by both the insurance company and financial lender. Click here to learn more about this informative tool.

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