Tah-Dah! Ask Captain Chris to Help Build Cruising Confidence

This Silverton sparkles in the sun- Tah-Dah!

Before You Buy

This note from Ingrid shares the value she gained with her times spent with Captain Chris. Ingrid joined us for a double dose of Ask Captain Chris seminars to help build cruising confidence. When she realized she didn’t know what she didn’t know, this new boater quickly set out to fix that. Ingrid is amazing proof what a person can do when they set their mind to accomplishing a skill!

A Trained Eye

I can 200% vouch for hiring Captain Chris to preview boats from the ads AND in person.

In an ad, I can look at pics and think they are showing off the pristine engine. BUT he would see the DIY workarounds clearly shown to his trained eye. As for the in-person look at a boat, he also pointed out the pros and cons of the boat. As his pay is NOT based on commission AFTER the boat sale, he gives feedback on the boat… good AND bad.

A broker will give the good points and dismiss/pivot anything negative (as that is what a sales person is to do. Do NOT believe a broker who will provide this guidance… as their goal is to make a sale.

Ask Captain Chris is to provide you expert feedback on the boat. You then can make an informed decision to move forward with the purchase.

I looked at hiring Captain Chris as a way to rule in OR rule out boats BEFORE the expensive haul out inspections.

When people are buying their first boat and considering liveaboard life, the Dockmaster sends them to talk to me. After my first year here, he tells people I am one of top 95% captains… who know what they are doing.

My BEST 3 Pieces of Advice.

1. What I posted on FB about hiring Chris as part of the buying process. (see above)
2. Take your classes since it provides good foundational knowledge.
3. Hire a captain to work with us on nav and maintaining our personal boat. I hired a captain to come out every Sat morning for 1.5 years. I learned how to nav, dock, hurricane prep, change 13 gallons oil, replace gasket on head, anchoring techniques, etc.

So you two and Captain Dave are the reasons why I am a success… and nicknaming myself as TAH DAH!

Thanks Ingrid! We are so happy you are living your dream. Here is one of the videos that can help a new boater. Captain Chris can help you pre-purchase, learn your boat and so much more. Give us a call 772-205-1859 so you can Ask Captain Chris!

Consult with Captain Chris

In addition to the seminars, pre-purchase previews and training aboard, Captain Chris can keep the pleasure in pleasure boating. There are so many ways we can help when you consult with Captain Chris. give us a call today and start to build your cruising confidence.