Boat Batteries – Maintenance Free or…?

Once this owner READ the tag he realized that THIS battery was not maintenance free.

Boat Batteries – Maintenance Free or…?

Captain Chris: Here’s a good prop for talking about boat battery maintenance.  While checking the batteries on my newly acquired boat for the first time, I opened one of the boxes to see this sticker affixed to a G31house battery.  Both starting batteries are G31 maintenance free, so my first thought was “Gee, here’s another one.”

Then I did a double take…….

It dawned on me that this meant this battery had not been checked since it was installed. And I know I didn’t install it.  So it had been here and on the charger since at least before I first saw the boat in December.  With some trepidation, I peeled off the label and opened a cap.


This battery had boiled dry a LONG time ago.  The internal plate structure has collapsed and the case had bulged so much is was difficult to lift it out of the box.  As part of a multi-battery house bank, it’s condition was masked by the other healthy batteries in the bank.

The moral of the story?  CHECK THEM ALL EVERY TIME!

Thanks, Wade G. aboard a Cruisers 455


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Thanks Wade. We love hearing from you. We appreciate your sharing this important experience. You were in the moment and took an extra minute or two to read….not assume.

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In addition to the many videos we have in our YouTube Maintenance Playlist, here is one that may help you think about your battery maintenance aboard your boat.

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