Wind, Rain, Fog, Sunshine: Winter Solstice on the Waterways of Florida

Dave & Nancy are looking for their next adventure. This world traveling couple considered adding cruising to their list of life’s possibilities and we’re about to show them the ropes…

(NOTE: We no longer charter our boat but are pleased to come aboard YOUR boat anywhere for personal training with you and your mate)

Nothing about this trip is routine…from the 25 knot winds to the fog and plummeting temperatures. But then again, nothing about boating is routine. This novice couple are up to the task and their commitment to learn sure pays off! Not only are we able to teach basic navigation and boat handling but also explore when you should rely on RADAR and when it’s time to tuck in for the day. Safety first…always.

Soon the weather becomes more of what Florida visitors expect and we are treated to an incredible phenomenom…a total Lunar Eclipse on the same night as the Winter Solstice. Leave it to Mother Nature to give us the warmest, sunniest day on the the first day of Winter.