Guests Coming Aboard

This isn’t really owner training. More like GUEST training but I couldn’t think of another place to file this so here goes. We are often asked what do we tell our guests before they come aboard. These are a few things to consider prearrival for our friends and family who are coming to cruise with us…

Before you read the note we send please realize that a note is often not enough. Many of our guests are not full time boaters. They are so excited to be coming and they want to be totally prepared which usually means they pack too much.

After they do come aboard we plan a detailed walk thru of their space and offer some cue cards next to particularly touchy equipment (ie nothing but your waste and our toilet paper goes in the head. And another- please don’t adjust the air conditioner from this panel because it controls both staterooms).

Most important, you cannot be afraid to tell your guests what you want/need them to do to stay safe and keep the systems running smoothly. It doesn’t matter if they are boaters or not. This is no time to be bashful! If your boat is like most with power management you may also get a bit specific about blow dryers and any other power hungry items.

Most of all, enjoy your visitors and help them to understand what draws you to this wonderful lifestyle. It’s not for everyone and that’s a good thing or the waterways would be very crowded.

Chris and I are glad to answer any other questions you might have. Just send us a note or call us 772-205-1859! and remember, this is pleasure boating…..Alyse

Here you go:

Dear Guest,

So glad you are coming to cruise with us. When you come aboard, we recommend that you bring comfortable clothing including:

•             Shorts/trousers without loops or baggy pockets that could catch on hooks/cleats.

•             Shirts to layer for actual warm or cool weather but also good sun protection.

•             Boat shoes. (closed toe and closed heel) NO FLIP FLOPS!!

•             Hat with visor.

•             Polarized sunglasses as the water reflects into your eyes.

•             Rain jacket would be smart to include just in case.

•             Sunscreen with your basic toiletries.

•             Don’t forget any prescription medications.

•             Please consider soft luggage that can easily compress after you stow your gear.

•             A camera to capture your memories or a thumb drive to copy the photos we will take on our own camera.


All linens, sheets and towels are provided for your comfort and we believe we have everything else needed for your visit.  Please let us know of any food allergies so we can properly prepare our galley for your arrival.

Once you come aboard we will review everything from lifejackets and safety items to how to use the head (toilet) and conservation of water. We’ll explain our docking procedures and will let you know when you can (or cannot) help. Most important tho, we’ll show you an incredible time on the water!

We’ll see you on the water!

Chris & Alyse