Photo / Video Log


A lighthouse may be low tech and more picturesque than functional in this time of GPS, RADAR and AIS – Automated Identification System. But we appreciate the long standing dedication of mariners making landfall without anything more than dead reckoning and a magnetic compass. These majestic masterpieces of stone and mortar remind us of our nautical history. […]

Photo / Video Log

Views From The Helm

Enjoy our Travel Log. It is a small collection of our photographs from New Orleans to Key West, from Toronto to the Bahamas and everywhere in between. Captain Chris Yacht Services can show you the real thing. Let us know how we can help you enjoy the cruise. […]

Owner Training

Kadey Krogen 44 Trawler – New Owner Training

You may have explored a boat handling course taught at a school. Did you know you’d be on a boat with 6 people who each take a turn at the wheel? And is the boat they provide the same make, model, engine size as yours? Do the other students have the same boating experience as you? There is nothing quite as helpful as learning from a professional captain on your own boat…At a time that is convenient to you and your spouse.