Do It In A Dinghy!

Dinghy Do

Ever wonder how to get ashore from your anchored boat? How do you take your dog on shore patrol? Do it in a DINGHY!! But just buying a dinghy is not that simple. What is the mission of the dinghy and how will you store it aboard?

Your dinghy is the Lunar Rover to your mother ship when you are at anchor. And, it can be your weekend sports car when you just don’t want to take the big boat from the dock. Speaking of big boat, the size of your boat will often determine the size of your dinghy.

Busy Dinghy dock at a marina in Florida. Lots of choices.

You have quite a few more choices to make besides will it fit. Whether going ashore to explore the local landscape or making the mandatory grocery run, your dinghy must be the right tool for the job at hand. So this significant decision should consider how you plan to use your dinghy the majority of the time. Will you go fast with a large horsepower outboard or dawdle slowly with a light weight small horsepower?

Dinghy Don’ts

What about gasoline? Here in Florida we enjoy REC 90 (Recreational) gas,  90 Octane without that nasty ethanol additive. We even have REC 90 available at automotive gas stations making it easier to gas up your trailer boat or lawnmower at home. We find that using non-ethanol gas in our dinghy outboard improves performance.

Take a look at the video above where we meet a real cruiser in her dinghy full of groceries. Then follow along as we scan the dinghy dock and check out the different state registrations.

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For another perspective of how to store your dinghy read one more article on our website with additional photos to give you food for thought: click here.

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