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Friends Find Out About The Trawler Life

Captain Chris Yacht Services
Friends Find Out About The Trawler Life
Three Couples - friends and family relations- with Captains Chris and Alyse at the dock.
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Imagine you and your lifelong friends wanting to go cruising together, bareboat chartering or owning your own trawler. How do you find out if this is really what you want to do AND if you want to do it with your buddies? Call Captains Chris and Alyse to sign up for a few days of onboard training. Thatís how!

(NOTE: We no longer charter our boat but are pleased to come aboard YOUR boat anywhere for personal training with you and your mate)

We met the male half of these three couples at TrawlerFest as they were exploring their dream of one day owning a boat together. So many questions kept surfacing and they wanted to understand more about ownership, including do they all want the same things in a cruising boat. Could they maintain and maneuver a boat in the 40-50foot range?

What exactly is a tidal current and how can I see an underwater deep hole from the surface? What is that quiet noise? Oh yeah, we are anchored for lunch and turned off the engines? What do you mean by check the exhaust for water flow?

Now Sally & Robert, Sissy & Les and Beverley & John all know the answers to these questions and more about owning and operating a cruising trawler. They are EXCITED and so ready to start the shopping process, working with their broker and searching for their dreamboat. Here's a note we received from them after training. Cruise through these photos to see how much fun they had and you can too! Call us for details 772-205-1859

Look at me...I'm driving!
Coming aboard for two days of training but can you hear the music? ...a Three Hour tour!
...The weather started getting rough....So unlike Gilligan, we stayed in port and did some classroom work waiting for the summer shower to move through.
First we teach the concept...everyone gathered around the aft deck table learning about anchoring.
Then we practice anchoring. We did this a few times so everyone had a chance to learn the ins and outs of setting and retrieving an anchor.
Smart ones hop up on the cabin to avoid the mud that comes aboard. these two!
Before we leave the dock we review lines and their purpose, bow, spring, breast, stern.
Now that we've left the dock, where'd everyone go? Got to prepare to stow the lines so nothing goes overboard unexpectedly.
While the guys are on the dock learning about line, the gals are getting comfortable with all the engine parts and how they work.
Next they get to spend some time in the holy place, lots of metal all around!
In between all this education and fun we have to squeeze in some time for lunch. Red beans and Muffalettas are a wonderful lunch to keep us going for a busy afternoon. Yum!
This fish had to settle for a meal of mussels as he nibbles away at a nearby piling.
Everyone gets a turn at the wheel...
Sisters ready to hand off the helm from one to the other.
Girl Power! Together we made the mightiest of Navigators ever seen this side of the Mississippi!
Break time at the fuel dock. The paparazzi wants a photo and we aim to please!
Let's go cruising!

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