Thanks for the pre-need training…

It’s not always about the driving! Read on to see how Captain Chris can make boating more fun….


I would like to thank you for teaching us how to install a cruisers rig on our thru hull fittings at your seminar at Trawler Fest. When I woke this morning after a severe thunderstorm last night, I checked my forward cabin and discovered it was hot as blazes. The AC was in the on position but blowing hot air. When I checked the AC panel I discovered the analog ammeter was pegged  at 100 amps. One sharp tap with a finger restored it to the normal reading but I realized that I had experienced a high average draw overnight. When I stuck my head out the door I realized the AC pump was not working and was worried the lack of water flow had fried the AC compressor. 

Next I hopped in the bilge with a pair of channel locks, closed the seacock, and removed the T from the top of the cruiser’s rig. There was minimal water flow and I was about to get a coat hanger to try to clear the obstruction when a brilliant idea struck. Though I would not recommend this for everyone, I placed my mouth on top of the sea cock,  opened the seacock and blew out as hard as I could. This was sufficient to clear the obstruction and after I cleaned the strainer screen full water flow everything restored was fine!I can only imagine how difficult this operation would have been if I had not taken your advice and installed the cruiser’s rig.

Thank you! 

Bill Garrison