Ask Captain Chris on Your Personal FaceTime Boat Tour

Alone and confused? Ask Captain Chris to help you understand your systems with a virtual walk through aboard your boat.

On Your Own With So Many Questions ?

Ask Captain Chris on a FaceTime boat tour. Virtual instructions. It’s the next best thing to being there (with a nod to 1960s Bell Telephone Ads).


I was asked to help new boat owners in Texas learn the systems aboard their 34 ft boat that was just delivered. When the boat arrived, the Captain did not stay to train him. Uh-Oh. I’m in Vero Beach and the boat and owners are in Texas. Their need to learn the systems was immediate. Ask Captain Chris to the rescue!


FaceTime, Zoom or Google Meets can step in and provide the link between me in Vero Beach, FL and you wherever you may be aboard your boat.


We agreed to the next day when he could be aboard the boat with his family (crew) and got down to business. It’s best to set up a time when we can both be a little flexible. One hour can provide a great deal of learning opportunities but often you’d like to learn even more over a few hours. So let’s schedule a firm start date and time to begin the Q&A but leave the back end open for bit longer. Sometimes we can even take the video call immediately but if you never call we can never say YES! Call 772-205-1859 or email to start the conversation.


Please remember to bring a good flashlight and have fully charged device, phone, Ipad or tablet. I like to use a headlamp when I’m in the below deck spaces so the light is always focused where I am looking. That will leave your hands free to hold your device. Better yet. take turns with your crew as you do your walk through with Captain Chris.


These new owners have a lifetime of sailing. They needed to transition to a power boat with systems they were not familiar with. So we started at the stern when he stepped aboard and worked our way around the boat. This VIDEO is a sister ship to the boat we toured but it helps to visualize when you look at the screen shots we share with you below. Ask Captain Chris about a FaceTime boat tour. Above deck and below.

Here are a few of the many items we covered in 3 hours or so:

  • Dinghy launch and recovery system.
  • Care of the African Farm Teak handrails.
  • Filling the two domestic water tanks when there is only one deck fill location.
  • Understanding the monitor device, domestic water level (tricky on this boat), fuel (again tricky), battery charges for house and starting battery and a slew of other features that we determined were not connected.
  • How difficult can it be to flush a toilet with THREE control buttons? Easy when you learn how.
  • Macerator pump overboard. We could hear it but not find it. Need a deep dive with stronger flashlight to confirm sea cock is closed.
  • Emergency tiller for rudder control.
  • Understand how to start the generator both on the unit and in the cabin. Switch from shorepower to ship power.
  • RACOR diesel fuel filter maintenance with recommendation for a vacuum gauge for predictive maintenance of a dirty filter.
  • Proper reading of dip sticks on generator, Cummins diesel and ZF transmission.

What Else?

There were so many more items and topics as we “walked” along learning together. Stop! Go back a few inches to the left and let’s take a look at those rust marks. Or See the swim platform extentions? There must be more parts somewhere. Let’s look in the Lazarette. We discussed the electronic engine controls, thruster fuses and dedicated batteries. Truly a stem to stern education aboard your boat. Lots to Ask Captain Chris on a FaceTime boat tour.

Here’s a little homework to get you started: Dirty diesel fuel filters video. And if you haven’t purchased your boat yet and have some time to attend a full seminar try one of our 2-day courses in Vero Beach FL.

How Can You Get in on the Fun?

Want to learn more about your boat BEFORE you buy it? Or have tons of questions now that you own it? Ask Captain Chris so we can set a date and get busy. Call 772-205-1859 or email to start the conversation.