Private Seminars with Captain Chris

Filters! Boat Systems Seminar

They said,

“Hello everyone. Just wanted to give a shout out to Chris and Alyse Caldwell.  We purchased our 2000 Mainship 390 a few weeks ago. This is our first “real“ boat, and since we fully realize we know very little about boats and desperately need to increase our knowledge base, we wanted to attend the Cruising 101 and Boat Systems seminars down at the Caldwell‘s home in Vero Beach. Chris and Alyse were kind enough to do a private seminar for us this week, as I am not quite retired yet and my vacation schedule is fairly fixed. They were able to tailor their seminars to our Mainship 390, and both of us really learned a lot about cruising and about the various systems on our boat. Highly recommend their seminars to anyone looking to add to their knowledge base.  D & C”


Thanks for your note. YES! We always love positive testimonials. We are delighted to create a personalized and private seminar for you and will certainly do it again in the future when someone is unable to attend the scheduled seminar dates. Flexibility is the key. Chris and I have done similar training in the past – Private Seminars with Captain Chris are tailored to the new owners needs and experience. Thanks so much for letting us (and others) know that these private seminar sessions were helpful to you both. And have fun tomorrow with your training aboard. 👍🏼👍🏼 Thanks again, Alyse and Captain Chris