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Impeller Woes

Captain Chris Yacht Services
Impeller Woes
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We appreciate when boaters share what works and sometimes what doesn't. Fortunately this lesson from experience didn't cause that much harm. Thankfully, they realized how others could benefit and sent us the resulting evidence of the lesson....

Hi Capt Chris,

I thought you might like this picture of our generator impeller. The mechanic who replaced it said he hadn't seen one "cooked" this bad in all his 40 years.

You have my permission to show future classes what happens to an impeller that gets overheated twice.

You may recall my story of woe. I forgot to open up the sea cock causing the generator to overheat and shut down. I soon realized what happened but failed to appreciate what had happened to the impeller. So the next day I opened the sea cock and ran the generator again. Predictably, it shut down and now we see one destroyed impeller. Your future students should get a chuckle out of my story and wonder how anyone could do such a thing. It was a good lesson.

Thanks again for the great training session we had with you aboard Red Pearl, Steve and Kathy

We are so pleased to see a good outcome from what could have been a very bad result. Take your time and run through all your steps before turning that ignition. Thanks again for sharing. See you on the water aboard your beautiful Red Pearl!

A little different when it first goes in WHOLE and with all the vanes intact.
This is what can happen when a few vanes break off. Don't forget you must find them all before installing a new impeller and putting the cooling system back together.

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