Docking With Fender Boards

Watch the video with a show and tell about how to use a fender board and its purpose.

Many new boaters ask how many fenders do I need on a boat…but what about fender boards? What’s a fender board, you ask??

A fender board may be used when you are at a fixed dock with protruding pilings- that is, when the support piling projects out past the actual dock boards. In this case, your traditional barrel fender will not protect your hull while rubbing against a piling. Here is where the fender board- either wood or heavy duty PVC- is used in conjunction with the barrel fenders.

Looking at the accompanying photos you can see how two barrel fenders are positioned against the hull in anticipation of hanging the fender board. The barrel fenders should be located inside each end of fender board. You may use additional barrel fenders if your fender board is extremely long or your fenders are extremely small in diameter to prevent the board from flexing against your hull. The fender board will now protect a large section of your hull regardless of how the wind or current bounces your boat back and forth across the piling.

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