Boat Thrusters

Are thrusters really necessary on your boat? The answer is no ……. and yes.

Old grey bearded skippers learned to operate boats without thrusters. Way back when thrusters just weren’t an option from most manufacturers. Well, time moves on and newer boat designs come factory-standard with bow and/or stern thrusters. So, more new boaters become more confident in maneuvering their boat in tight quarters.

Now close your eyes and think about arriving in a new marina with the wind blowing and a narrow fairway between the docks. Got that lovely picture firmly in your mind? Are you going to try to jam your boat into the assigned slip bouncing off pilings? Or will you prefer to try this maneuver with the benefit of thrusters? As you power your boat into the slip in reverse, thrust and back her in and hand the dock line to the dock master. Easy peasy, right?

Look like a pro, take advantage of technology to make your boating life easier and less stressful. But, we still recommend that you practice some of these dockings without the thrusters so you understand & can master the fundamentals in the event of an equipment failure.

Thruster systems can be added aftermarket to almost any boat, bow or stern, or both and powered by 12 or 24 volts or possibly hydraulically.

Before you watch the video below please scroll down to see more thruster photos.

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