Training and Delivery of DeFever 50 foot Motor Yacht from Norfolk VA to NYC

Sometimes you run out of time or run out of crew and need some help. When you need a delivery captain or if you just want some refresher training while cruising your boat, Captain Chris can step in to help relocate your boat back to it’s home port…and offer experienced recommendations along the way.

Asked to help move a new owner’s boat, Captain Chris boarded this DeFever in Norfolk VA and immediately helped the owner plan their trip, with consideration for the questionable weather forecasts. 

What a gorgeous profile on this DeFever Motor Yacht! The draft is shallow enough to comfortably run the ICW yet it’s a heavy enough cruising boat to travel off shore when the spirit moves you. Wonderful for traveling from Norfolk VA to City Island NY, it’s final destination.

Captain Chris can relocate your boat when time runs short on your vacation or travel WITH you when it’s a new-to-you vessel. If you’d like to learn more skills under the coaching of an experienced and professional captain…just Ask Captain Chris!