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Preparing to Make the Great Loop Cruise aboard a Nordic Tug 32+2

Vessel Type/Length – Nordic Tug 32+2
Cruising speed – 10 knots
Engine type/Horsepower – Single Cummins, 220 HP
Starting location – Jacksonville, FL
Final destination – Texas

This is a terrific boat for doing the Great Circle as the “loopers” run up the eastern coast of the United States. Their Circle route then takes them through the Great Lakes, back down the Mighty Mississippi River before crossing the Gulf of Mexico over to the Florida coast. […]

Owner Training

Kong & Halverson Island Gypsy 32 with a Stern Thruster!

Vessel type/length – Island Gypsy 32 feet
Engine type/horsepower – Ford Lehman 120 HP
Cruising speed – Economical 7.5 knots
Starting point – St. Lucie River, Stuart, FL
Final destination – Jacksonville Beach, FL

This is a classic boat with the original Ford Lehman diesel and an after market hydraulic stern thruster…That’s right! A stern thruster. Pretty nifty once you get a feel for it and much less intrusive to install.