43 Mainship Cruising from Florida to the Chesapeake

From New Mexico to Florida and beyond!….no, not Buzz Lightyear…MORE CRUISERS ON THE WAY!

We met Rick & Lanna at Trawler Fest Fort Lauderdale in January when they attended our “Building Cruising Confidence as a Couple” course. Aboard a Swift Trawler 52, they learned to enjoy the easy maneuverability of such a large boat. Their original plan was to attend Trawler Fest to gather as much information possible. Then they planned to spend a year digesting information and shopping for boats. Retirement was fast approaching and they were ready for the next adventure in their lives. So much for plans

The Trawler Fest seminar series featured “How to buy a boat” by Curtis Stokes, one more piece of the puzzle fits into place. Next they walked the docks, equipped with a new understanding of what they are interested in. They are rewarded for all their due diligence. Ta-da! The boat of their dreams is right here AT THE TRAWLER FEST BOAT SHOW!

The buying process includes sea trial and survey before act of sale and before you know it they are the proud owners of a 43 foot Mainship Trawler! Congrats!

Captain Chris eases their transition into this beautiful new MainShip 43 while docked in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We inspect ship’s equipment, recommend items to purchase to outfit the boat for a two day cruise and then started docking maneuvers. We are chased back to the marina by a wicked storm front so we complete the first day reviewing below deck systems. The next day brings wonderful weather so we start our cruise down the New River navigating the twisting winding NARROW river and passing mega yachts with tug assistance. Just as we get in the comfort zone, we were stopped by a Rail Road Bridge in the DOWN position. CAUTION: do NOT get too close to the bridge because the outgoing tide and other boats behind you will jam you against the bridge. Better to lose your position in line and wait further from the traffic.

Finally the train arrives, crossing the bridge but… it does NOT open. Uh-oh, another train is travelling in the opposite direction. Finally we see the bridge start to open, but WAIT, here come all the go-fast boats racing through the bridge making our maneuvering exciting. At last, we can clear the bridge and head into the ICW for anchor practice.

Our time aboard was very educational for vessel operations. Rules of the road are not always followed by smaller faster watercraft and general navigation. Driving defensively is often the best practice. Next stop for this New Mexico couple is to witness the Space Shuttle launch from anchor in Titusville, FL.

Our Uffda cruises north!