What To Know Before You Go – The Perfect Boat

If you’ve already listened to our Podcast with an overview of What TO Know Before You Go then this is your logical next step…learning about how to decide what is the perfect boat- for YOU!

If you haven’t listened to the first Podcast on this topic you may want to pause here and take a listen first right here.

Then come back and listen to the next step of Cruising FUNdamentals: Finding Your Perfect Boat…The REST of the Story. And click here to check out our videos which can help too.

1.  How to KNOW the boat is perfect for you

  •   Budget – purchase, operation AND maintenance

2.   What type of boating do you want to do

  •   Learn what boating involves
  •   Layout and design – floor plan and deck plan

3.  Can you handle this boat

  •   Your crew – are they onboard?
  •   Single vs twin
  •   Bow/stern thruster
  •   Dinghy stowage

4. Looks can be deceiving

  •   Learn to identify the systems and what you should expect to see below deck and above
  •   Decide how much DIY you want to learn and actually do
  •   Don’t fall in love with idea of the boat
  •   Engine room access

5.    Survey

  •   Interview potential surveyors
  •   Ask for sample surveys of the type of boat you plan to buy
  •   Understand the purchase agreement relative to the survey outcome- discount or repair as needed
  •   Be prepared to walk away

6. Are you a comfortable/confident boater?

  •   A good deal may not be the perfect boat for you
  •   Attend classes, do research so you can KNOW what you don’t know and learn how to acquire the ability to see what you are looking at.