True North 34 & Beneteau Swift Trawler 42 – Boat Show Deliveries

Vessel type/length – True North 34
Engine type/horsepower – Volvo Electronic D6
Cruising speed – 20 knots

Vessel type/length – Beneteau Swift Trawler 42
Engine type/horsepower – Twin Yanmar 370 HP
Cruising speed – 20 knots

Starting location for both boats – Fort Pierce, FL
Destination – Palm Beach Boat Show Temporary Marina

It’s the last South Florida show of the season and we have two boats to move for the Palm Beach Boat Show. A brand new True North 34 and a brand new Beneteau Swift Trawler 42.

Typical March weather in southern Florida, the wind was North at 25 knots so we again had to travel the ICW down to Palm Beach. You guessed it, slow zones, manatee zones and more idle zones. The usual trip outside takes a couple of hours but today it took us 6 hours in the ICW!

Upon arrival at the show location we had the usual confusion of too many boats trying to get into their assigned spot. We had to wait our turn to move into the slip for the show. This was exciting. You have to maneuver the boat with the engine, bow thruster if you have one and about 5 or more guys to “handwalk” you into place. The current is ripping through the temporary show marina and don’t forget the 25 knot north winds. If you have ever visited this show you may remember the boats are stacked in tight.

We visited the show as tourists on Friday. This allows us to keep up with the new boat designs and technology. We take full advantage of the factory reps in the land booths, getting the scoop on the latest in electronics and engines.

Monday we returned to the show to bring the boats home. Our scheduled departure time was 10 AM. As we walk up to the boats we see a lot of our neighbors have already left. The show breakdown was ahead of schedule today. We check fluids, start the engines, untie the lines and then wiggle out of our spots. Now in the bay we wait for the first of a million bridges to open and then head North. As we pass Lake Worth Inlet we peek out into the ocean to confirm the weather report: it is rough. East winds at 30 knots. The boats can handle the weather but it’s no fun for us so we stay in the ICW all the way to Fort Pierce, FL.

Happily home, we dock the boats, hose them off and shut ‘em down. Usually our responsibility ends here but the next day we must prepare the boats to move on. The True North will be loaded onto a truck for delivery to the new owner and the Swift Trawler moved up to the next boat show in Jacksonville, FL.

The Swift Trawler 42 ride north was in the ICW because the ocean was again rough. We made it to St. Augustine, FL where we checked into Commanche Cove Marina and prepared for a guest rider coming the next morning. Fortunately the weather improved and the ocean was calm joy ride. Swells were slight rollers spaced far apart and we were able to cruise at 20 knots on autopilot to the St Johns River Inlet. Turning into the river we ran past Mayport Navy Base, ICW and into the downtown area of JAX. After idling thru “The Landing” area we entered the Ortega River, our final destination.