TrawlerFest San Diego

TrawlerFest Kona Kai. Gorgeous view of San Diego Bay from our balcony, the caw-caws of sea gulls in the bay but…. What is that barking sound? SEALS!! No, not our Navy SEALS, the aquatic sort! We east coast mariners don’t usually hear the sound of seals in the morning. They are swimming in the bay, playing in the marina; they are everywhere!

Fascinating though the sea life may be, we are more excited to see all the great trawlers as they arrive for this special San Diego TrawlerFest. Our university class culminates on Wednesday afternoon and we can watch and learn from each of the professional captains as they demonstrate their docking techniques. For an extra bonus, the early risers could see our military in action as the carriers and war ships traversed the harbor. And for the aircraft enthusiast the Navy fighter jets fly sorties throughout the day almost overhead of this pristine Pacific TF location.

Seminars we presented included The Latest in Navigation, Confessions of a Galley Slave and Managing Your On Board Electrical Systems. Attendees listened and learned each morning from many different industry experts then had plenty of time in the afternoon to check out a wide variety of cruising boats at the marina. Every evening, a cocktail party and dinner allowed time to refresh, meet new friends, and renew old friendships made at prior TrawlerFests . 

Check out the video then scroll down to see some exciting photos of all the fun at TrawlerFest San Diego.