Our Own Sea Dogs

Many of you hear us tell tales of Big Head Fred and his sister Chessie. They are our two children who went off to college a few years ago…before we had digital cameras. With a gentle nudge from my dearest Aunt Susie I have digitalized a few photos so we can share these wonderful beasts with those of you who are also animal lovers.

As you can see, Chessie and Fred were Labs. At 60 and 95lbs they are NOT what you might think of when you conjure up the perfect boat dog. But they sure made you smile.

When we moved aboard back in 1995 most everyone asked us what were we going to do with Chessie and Fred. Our response was,”What would you do with your children? You’d take them with you!”..So welcome aboard to Chessie and Fred.

Yes, it took some ingenuity and yes, sometimes our hearts were not really into the dinghy ride for their late night business trips but…life aboard with them was much more fun than without them. Easier? Not so much but definately more entertaining.

Enjoy the photos and thanks to Aunt Susie for the nudge…