Grand Banks 46 – SOFT LANDING sends thanks

Capt. Chris, I thought you would enjoy an update on Soft Landing….I just wanted to let you know we were enjoying the boat and to thank you for all your help in getting us off on the right foot….(click title/scroll down for full comments from Soft Landing)

Capt. Chris,

I thought you would enjoy an update on Soft Landing.  After you left from Ft. Myers, Carroll, my brothers and I cruised for a few days on the west coast, including poking our nose out into the Gulf when the seas were running about 6 feet (we came back in) and then headed back to Rialto for one night before crossing Florida.  We then took the boat across Florida and north to Cocoa, FLA.  We had a wonderful trip with no problems, at least, once we figured out the electronics and autopilot.  We left the boat in Cocoa, and returned on May 13 to bring it up to Hilton Head, South Carolina.  We had a great trip up the ICW, especially through Georgia where the ICW is wild and unspoiled.  We did get held up by a huge storm in late May in St. Augustine, but were safely docked at the City Marina (for four days).  It rained 20 inches the first couple of days with 50-60 mph winds but we were fine.  I can’t say the same for the boats on the other side of the dock which were pitching 6-7 feet with the waves.  Again the boat operated fine, with no problems, and we spent the next couple of weeks making our way north, exploring and enjoying beautiful weather and anchorages, arriving in Hilton Head in early June.  We live in Atlanta, but get down to Hilton Head every three weeks or so for a week on the boat, usually with friends or kids and grandkids.  We are in a very nice marina called Shelter Cove about five miles off the ICW, with lots of amenities and fun things to do so even if we do not take the boat out, it is a great place to visit.  Last week, my brother Ted, who you may remember, and his wife joined us, and we took a cruise to Charleston, SC., going up there on the ICW and returning offshore. 
So far the boat has been fine.  The only problems seem to arise because we don’t have some switch turned the right way.  The autopilot did shut down one day, but I got down in the Lazarette and traced the wiring and found a loose connection.  A few turns with the screw driver got her running again.  We have had problems twice with the Shorepower terminals, which were a pain because we initially thought the problems were with the boat’s electrical system and spent a lot of time trying to find the problem.  In both instances, the boat was fine, and when the slip terminals were fixed, everything ran fine.  I have learned to check them out first before I waste a lot of time trying to find problems with the boat’s electrical system. 
Soft Landing is looking good.  We had her completely waxed, with some needed compounding last month, and also got some canvas covering for the cap rails, etc. which should cut down on the maintenance there.  Also bought a liferaft and PLB in case of fire, etc. 
We have plans to cruise in the Bahamas and Chesapeake next year.  Will probably make some short trips in Georgia and SC this year, before working our way toward Florida and the Bahamas early next year. 
I just wanted to let you know we were enjoying the boat and to thank you for all your help in getting us off on the right foot.
Alfred A. Lindseth

Thanks SOFT LANDING for the great update. We appreciate knowing we had a hand in getting you started on your yachting adventure! Keep us posted on your journey. We love to hear about the cruising life from all who are pursuing their dreams! Chris & Alyse