Deltaville Seminar with Captains Chris & Alyse

Start your boating adventure with Captain Chris at a jam packed Two-Day Seminar “Get On The Water: From Choosing The Perfect Boat to Casting Off”

When? March 19 & 20, 2016
Where? Deltaville Yachting Center, Deltaville Va.
Cost? $99 per person with Continental Breakfast & Lunch included. Here’s what you’ll experience….

Register with Onna at or 804-776-9898

Day One:

The Perfect Boat For You. Understand the entire boat buying process in detail, avoid pitfalls and discover your best boat buying options for your adventure. Topics will include boat designs, styles, layouts, valuation services, surveys, propulsion systems including single or twin engines, gas or diesel, thrusters and docking techniques that work for each.

Navigation Made Easy. Review the latest in navigation resources including paper charts, electronic chart plotters, and internet websites that can help you plan your cruise for a day or the whole season. Learn about whistle signals, lights, and other navigational assets while you discover how to interpret range makers, tides and currents. You’ll learn that navigation is much more than moving from one waypoint to the next…and there’s no final exam!

Anchoring Techniques. Ever had your anchor drag or listened to anchor horror stories from your boating buddies? Captain Chris will have a hands-on demonstration to put your mind at ease. Learn about which anchors are right for the sea floor conditions and why. Different types of anchors, how much scope and when you may select chain vs. rope are some topics we’ll explore. Just what IS a snubber and where can you find one? Join Captains Chris and Alyse for this interactive presentation and we promise you won’t have to clean mud off the deck.

Onboard Communication. Remember the first time you and your mate went boating together? Amazing that any of us make it past that initial adventure….Oh sure, we start with such high hopes for the idyllic cruise- the thrill of taking the helm for the first time. But reality sets in when your mate says, “You want me to do what?…Don’t RAISE your voice at me!” To which you respond, “But you didn’t hear me the first two times so I had to yell.” Things can get tense when you don’t have full control and your mate doesn’t do as you ask. So how can we turn this fiasco back around to living the dream of a peaceful cruiser? Some tips from a Boat Whisperer should do the trick. Verbal communication, arm signals and Float Plans will be included. Day two will explore electronic communications such as VHF radio, vessel intentions, AIS, RADAR and internet.

Boat Owner Maintenance. Captain Chris will take the mystery out of maintenance. If fuel filters, impellers, & bilge pumps aren’t in your everyday comfort zone then this seminar will help prepare you to start your Cruising Adventure. From changing your own oil to maintaining good drinking water, a working anchor windlass and reliable batteries, Captain Chris will get you safely on your way…saving your $$ for marinas not mechanics!

Open Forum Q&A 

Day Two

Confessions of a Galley Slave. Planning a weekend trip? Maybe cruising for a few months?  Captain Alyse Caldwell will share ideas, shortcuts and hints that will make your time in the galley another fun adventure. All of our galley recipes are easy to make and can work perfectly in the small confines of a one burner stove or toaster oven and one small square foot of counter space….as well as in the spacious galley of a large trawler. When cooking aboard in your own galley get creative and keep your sense of humor. With the right attitude everything tastes better on a boat. Sometimes you want to make a great impression. You know, WOW ’em!! It’s really not so hard to do. Like everything else in life, start with the right tool for the right job and remember: You are living the dream.

Safety Aboard. This exciting, interactive and dynamic seminar offers a fresh way to think about safety aboard and is one you will NOT soon forget! Bring your favorite PFD, Life Jacket or Inflatable PFD and Ask Captain Chris everything you need to know about PFDs, Life rafts and other safety equipment to be sure YOURS will work when you need it.

Trip Planning. Plan a cruise starting here in Deltaville and we will show you how easy it is to go anywhere! From selecting each port of call to provisioning groceries, fuel and spare parts, Captains Chris and Alyse will coach you using various resources including internet, guide books and charts. Yes! You will be planning your next trip so bring your charts, guide books and iPad or tablet for a hands-on session.

Vessel Communications. We will explore the how-to of vessel intentions, internet, AIS, RADAR, SPOT, EPIRB, PLB and VHF radio. Sound like vegetable soup? Come learn more about each of these easy to use electronic tools found aboard more pleasure boats today.

Cast off. Let’s go cruising! 


Here’s your chance to Ask Captain Chris about all things boating. Save your seat today! Register with Deltaville yachting Center or 804-776-9898