Captain of a Pirate Ship

Captain Chris may LOOK like a pirate but once was the captain of an actual PIRATE SHIP.**

We have been asked to be the “Local Captain” of record for an absentee owner to meet insurance requirements. The “Black Prince” is a commercial tour boat certified by the USCG to carry 49 passengers for hire. This swarthy Pirate Ship is a custom built boat with foam filled plastic type pontoons and a diesel jet powered propulsion pod. This is the safest propulsion system because there are no propellers, just an impeller pushing water out a nozzle for directional control.

The plastic foam filled pontoons do not have to worry about typical metal corrosion or fiberglass blistering. Because they are foam filled they can not fill with water. This is a big plus in eliminating stability concerns.

I did a sea trial to learn the design and how the “ship” handles.  Kewl! We can beach the boat for parties allowing pirates to go ashore to picnic or beachcomb.

This is a fun boat, easy to maneuver and FOR SALE**. Located in Stuart, FL docked at American Custom Yachts on the OWW between I-95 and the FL Turnpike.