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Kadey Krogen 44 Trawler Training

Captain Chris Yacht Services
Kadey Krogen 44 Trawler Training
Krogen 44 Trawler
Vessel Type/Length - Krogen 44 Trawler
Cruising speed - 9 Knots
Engine type/Horsepower - Single John Deere Diesel
Starting location - Fernandina Beach, FL
Final destination - Thunderbolt Marina, Savannah, GA

This new Krogen was a step up in size from the owners previous sailboat. He realized that the systems were much more complex and requested some additional training operating this larger single engine trawler.

I drove to the airport in Jacksonville, FL, picked up the owner then headed to Fernandina Beach where we boarded the boat.
As luck has it this was the Pirate Festival Weekend and we were greeted by thousands of Pirates running around downtown and the marina. We were able to sneak aboard, fix dinner and sack out for an early departure.

Next morning we headed north across the St. Marys River up the ICW past Kings Bay US Navy Submarine Base and into the marshland of coastal GA. A note of caution in this area, the Red and Green buoys and Daymarkers change sides of the channel when you leave the river and enter the shallow ICW. Keep in mind the ICW uses the small yellow triangles and squares to note the specific channel.

After navigating through these channel changes we had lots of time to discuss and address the owners questions about this large but comfortable trawler.

Easy cruising, we meandered up "the ditch" until we ran out of daylight and anchored in the Dupin River near MM 650 on the ICW. Just before daybreak we pulled anchor and continued north passing Hell Gate Channel at medium tide (MM 605). This is a place to be aware of because it silts in and transiting at low tide is a concern. No problem today!

We arrive in Thunderbolt, Savannah GA in early afternoon to do preventive maintenance. I coached the owner through changing the oil and filters in the generator and main engine. I also showed him how to change the pencil zincs on both engines and change the Racor fuel filters. Just 3 days aboard and this new Krogen owner was already feeling more confident.  His new plan was to keep the boat in GA for a few more weeks then fly back down to finish the trip to the Chesapeakenext time on his own!

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