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Canadian Cruisers Come Aboard Sandy Hook

Captain Chris Yacht Services
Canadian Cruisers Come Aboard Sandy Hook
Luc and Nicole at TrawlerFest Fort Lauderdale, just before coming aboard SANDY HOOK for trawler training with us.
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One day after coming home from Trawler Fest Fort Lauderdale and poof! We are welcoming a Quebec couple aboard Sandy Hook for trawler training. This adventurous couple drove their fifth wheel down from the artic northern winter to enjoy our Florida sunshine and a few days aboard, living the dream with us.

(NOTE: We no longer charter our boat but are pleased to come aboard YOUR boat anywhere for personal training with you and your mate)

While their goal is to become full time cruisers in the next year or so, they only have small boat experience on lakes in Canada. Gaining experience cruising on our 44 foot Trawler will not only help them become more confident on the water but will also help narrow their focus while looking for that perfect boat. 

Spending time aboard cruising enhances the learning and makes for a nice getaway any time of the year. The Atlantic coast is great for experiencing everything about tides, currents, sand bars, ocean inlets, range markers and the value of a good sun screen. 

 After 3 days aboard we fit in a visit to a boatyard so Luc and Nicole can appreciate the hull forms of full displacement, semi displacement, planning hulls, full keels, skegs, prop pockets and stabilizers. This couple is on a mission to find the right boat for cruising and living aboard while learning gives them insight as to which features they'd like on their own dream boat.

 Now a more experienced and educated couple, Nicole and Luc are ready to start living the dream aboard their own trawler..... when will you start living YOUR dream?? Send us your dates...

Every good trip starts in the engine room. This couple learns about basic maintenance and how important it is to have elbow space...
Yup! We check fluids every day before starting the engines. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Ths is a breast line. One of the most useful tricks we teach- often the first and last line for docking and undocking. Amazing how much easier it becomes no matter floating or fixed dock.
We're off!
We've reviewed the charts and have a float plan.
Team work in full swing- Nicole calls out visual landmarks as clarified with the binoculars. It could be helpful to have a pair for each of you- no adjusting needed in between!
Captain Chris stands nearby but this time it's Luc at the wheel with Navigator Nicole.
Does it get any better? I could be back in Canada all bundled up and shoveling snow!
The rain coats are for this on again-off again fog. Great opportunities to appreciate RADAR.
Another boater thought we were DEA when we rode through the anchorage in the dinghy. Must be the green official looking slickers.
Captain Chris prepares to lift the dinghy onto the mothership.
Gliding through the trio of bridges in Stuart.
This Pelican didn't want to move for our docking practice.
Hand signals help when lifting the anchor.
Spectacular sunsets are such a treat at the end of a full day on the water.
Let's go cruisin'!

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