Training Aboard a 42 foot Nova Trawler with twin Isuzu Diesels

I had the pleasure to meet and work with Ursula & Manfred to help them learn their trawler systems and navigate from Vero Beach, FL down the ICW to Palm Beach. Then their Nova Trawler would be onloaded to a ship for transport to Spain.

Before actually meeting, we spoke a few times on the phone. My goal was to help them prepare their new boat for cruising south- new flares, electronic updates, spare fuel filters and spare impellers for the sea water cooling system on the engines. Wednesday morning we start with  a review of the vessel systems since this is a new boat to both them and myself. We wanted to be prepared just in case we heard “a strange noise” we would know how to access that area of the boat. Below decks we reviewed the propulsion systems, generator system, battery charger, air conditioners, fresh water and black water layout. On deck we walked around checking the dock lines, fenders, boat pole locations and anchor launch and recovery. Next we cover the GPS Chartplotter, radio procedures and other electronics (no RADAR on this boat) and decide the boat is fine for our cruise south to Palm Beach.

As an American I always learned Red Right Returning from Sea. Well, Ursula and Manfred are Europeans and in Europe it is different. We best spend a little time learning the US System so we won’t have any surprises on our trip south.

Before we cast off we must do a pump out and fuel up, then we point the bow south and cruise on into the afternoon. The weather was blowing like stink and we were fortunate to be in the protected waters of the ICW. Other than a little spray on the windshield we only had windburn on our faces to show at the days end…. that is the parts that were not covered by a hat, sunglasses or beard. So I guess I had a red nose and cheeks.

Our first evening is docked at the Marriott Marina on South Hutchinson Island near Stuart. Many of you may know this marina as hosting the Trawler Fest a few years ago before moving from Stuart to Fort Lauderdale. We had an easy time of docking bow into a 20 knot wind and then securing the boat for the night. The boat is going as deck freight to Europe soon so provisions were sparse. Time to head up to the hotel restaurant for dinner. Early Thursday morning we continue our cruise south and enjoy the quiet protected waters of the Florida ICW. Because of the more narrow channel we could not feel the wind but it was there, all 20 knots of it. We enter the Crossroads, see the dredge operating at the St. Lucie Inlet, pass Pecks Lake a popular anchorage to dinghy and walk to the beach. But we don’t have time to stop today so we press on through Hobe Sound, Jupiter Lighthouse and a few more bridges. We can now feel the 20 knot winds as we enter the top of North Lake Worth and the waterway widens. We veer left and steer east into the channel heading into Old Port Cove Marina, an AGLCA Great Loop Sponsor and home for the boat until the transport ship arrives in port.

Great trip, good weather although a little windy and wonderful new friends. Check out the photos below for a sneak peek at the Isuzu Engine room.