Integrity 49 Trawler at TrawlerFest University Building Cruising Confidence

Building Cruising Confidence

Captains Chris and Alyse Caldwell are a husband and wife team of cruising coaches who will lead a cruisers’ orientation, offering tricks and tips on vessel preparation, safety and trip planning with an emphasis on team work.

Each crew member is given the opportunity to walk in the deck shoes of both the ‘captain’ and ‘first mate’. Training includes lively discussions, hands-on prep work and a below deck systems preview over a two day university course, first in the classroom and then on a featured vessel docked in the TrawlerFest marina. Additionally you will practice effective communication skills with crew as well as using the VHF radio.  Your coaches will make navigation easy to understand and you will apply it using paper charts, GPS and RADAR. 

We’ll take the mystery out of overnight anchoring sharing fundamental anchor theory and will actually lower and raise an anchor from the pulpit using a windlass. You will learn proper line handling, an essential skill for all crew members.

Close quarter maneuvers and docking procedures will be discussed and monitored as all types of TrawlerFest boats arrive for the show. The training vessel generator helps transition from shore power to ship power and we’ll show you how. We share what works in the real world…and sometimes what doesn’t.  

Please note: Class limit is 16. While we will bring all systems to life in the featured TrawlerFest University vessel we will not leave the dock during this two day session. Register here!


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