Trawler Training after TrawlerFest – Fort Lauderdale to Fort Pierce in Four days!

We met this couple at Baltimore’s TrawlerFest University in the fall. They started Building Cruising Confidence as a Couple aboard a Beneteau Swift Trawler 52 and wanted more.

(NOTE: We no longer charter our boat but are pleased to come aboard YOUR boat anywhere for personal training with you and your mate)

Hoping to meet us after TrawlerFest Fort Lauderdale in February, they discovered we would have our trawler SANDY HOOK at the show. How about riding back to Fort Pierce with us?

We welcomed Kim & John aboard the day after our second TrawlerFest University class and started north…bridge after bridge after bridge! What is often tedious to the seasoned boater became a fabulous learning opportunity. Just try to hold position for 15 minutes in a narrow channel with little boats zooming around you, a current at your stern and a stiff wind at your bow. You learn about shifting and drift and lots more tricks to hold position without the benefit of thrusters.

We did a bit of night operations and plenty of navigating during daylight hours, all with the goal of arriving back in our home port. Amazing how much effort goes in to traveling the ICW for a mere 100 miles. Anchoring, docking and trip planning filled our 4 days aboard with this couple trying to decide how big a boat is in their future.

And if all that wasn’t enough, we had Bert aboard- our 60 lb Golden Doodle. See a short video below that John took on one of our shore trips. Bert’s a great boat dog and offered the perspective of cruising with a well mannered animal on board. Frequent trips to shore and an uncooperative dinghy engine opened their eyes to another type of cruising. Although Kim & John also have a dog, theirs is a toy size and much easier to manage in small spaces. This led to discussions of onboard potty training, something we prefer not to do with bigger pets. You say tomato I say tomAHto….

The US Coast Guard also offered us a look at their buoy tender as our young men & women in uniform repaired day markers along the Treasure Coast. We were able to demonstrate entries about this pertinent cruising information to forums such as Waterway Guide and Active Captain. We try to keep other cruisers informed about changes that could affect their trip planning and online forums are key ways to communicate these changes.

Arriving back in Fort Pierce, Kim & John have lived the life of a cruising couple… for a few days anyway! It’s your turn next! Schedule your trip today…