Heritage East 36, More Training Please!

Sometimes our clients are nearby and training can be done in increments. First a day with below deck systems followed with a day of hands on maneuvering. After you practice a bit you may decide you need more? No worries, just schedule another day for more coaching with Captain Chris. See what Sandy had to say…..

Hi Chris 


I had a WONDERFUL day yesterday and plan to practice more tomorrow. Dan and I would like to schedule a 1/2 day to let Dan have helm time without using bow and stern thrusters. That would give me some line time also. … I thought i’d ask as early as possible as I know your days are full. You were so calm and helpful with my session. It is my goal to be the best I can be and I did feel my confidence increasing by the time we were finished. I look forward to many happy days on the water.  Sandy Reay