Cool Beans! Owners of a 34 Marine Trader

This couple joined us from the frigid northeast to refine their teamwork and see if a larger cruising boat is in their future…. THANKS for your THANKS! We loved having you aboard!

Let us say that we are still absorbing, even 2 weeks later, all that had happened and what you guys have taught us.  There hasn’t been a day that has gone by we’ve haven’t talked about, thought about, and yes, in my dreams everyday since we left I can see myself living it. 

Thanks to you guys, WE are excited about what is yet to be.
Thanks to you guys, WE can now move forward with confidence.
Thanks to you guys, WE can plan and execute this voyage together.
Thanks to you guys, WE see the lifestyle possible for us. 

Thanks, you guys !!!! And you will see us on the water

Glen & Julie