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Just Makin' Sure!

Captain Chris Yacht Services
Just Makin' Sure!
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Just making sure, thatís what they said!

During a recent trip aboard Sandy Hook we welcomed a couple from the Atlanta area. They are moving up from a 26 foot Wellcraft to a trawler fit for two. They wanted to make sure cruising and living aboard was the future for them.

(NOTE: We no longer charter our boat but are pleased to come aboard YOUR boat anywhere for personal training with you and your mate)

With plans that include cruising the Great Loop and the Bahamas they are considering something like an American Tug. 
Rob and Sandy (no relation to Sandy Hook) arrived Thursday evening to a wonderful dinner prepared aboard our boat. After dinner we relaxed on the aft deck, got to know each other and  discussed their goals.

In the morning, we started with charting and trip planning. When everyoneís brain was filled to the tippy top it was time to change gears. During a short walk to the marina parking lot we passed all types of pleasure boats, discussing topics like anchor types, hull forms and just how would you board each different style boat?¬†Pilot house trawlers, long range cruisers, fast trawlers, semi-planing and Europa style are just some of the varieties we reviewed.

Up on dry land with lots of elbow room we explain a mock up of a complete raw water cooling system as installed on propulsion engines and generators. Then back to the boat for below deck systems review and the real deal, engine fluid checks and casting off headed south for our evening anchorage.
August in FL has a few rain showers each evening and we anchored each day just before our boat was rinsed off from bow to stern. A beautiful sunset and dinner was enjoyed with the waves lapping against the hull.

During our 3 days together they learned a lot about owning, operating and ďLiving The DreamĒ or LTD as we say. Watch the waterways for Rob, Sandy and their 2 dogs as they cruise into the sunset!
Here are a few¬†photos¬†where you can¬†imagine yourself at the helm ďLiving The DreamĒ.

Learning the ropes before we cast off.
Team work in the engine room!
Tervis Tumblers are terrific for the flybridge while underway.
Here's a little gadget we created to hold the extra large insulated beverage cups when the ride is a little bumpy
Afternoon storms must be watched. We use RADAR and a good pair of binoculars after listening to the NOAA weather channel on our VHF radio.
But after the storms run through and wash off our decks we are rewarded with a super sunset!
Navigation starts with paper charts and a plan of where you want to go. Determine how far you can comfortably travel each day...and factor in the unexpected. This is an exercise you can practice well before you own your boat.
At anchor in the North fork of the St. Lucie River in Stuart Florida.
Testing out the dinghy for size. It's perfect for two but can legally hold four adults.
Threading a needle as we pass through three bridges at a narrow point in the Okeechobee Waterway.
Always thank the bridge tender for opening the spans and allowing us through passage.
Welcome aboard Sandy Hook! Come live the dream with us and learn all about the cruising lifestyle.

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