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Ask Captain Chris About Changing your Engine Zincs

Captain Chris Yacht Services
Ask Captain Chris About Changing your Engine Zincs
Forward end of a 6 cylinder diesel engine heat exchanger. Note the bronze plug.
Additional Images
You know about the zincs on your shaft, rudder and trim tabs. What about the pencil zincs in your engine cooling system?

These are sacrificial anodes to help reduce the electrolysis between two different metals in salt water. Check your engine owner's manual for pencil zinc inspection frequency. And, scroll all the way down to check out these photos of a zinc replacement procedure aboard a boat.

Want to learn more? Read this article for a little more detail about where to find zincs...and to become more comfortable in your engine room come to a two day seminar Introduction To Boat Systems where you can Ask Captain Chris all about boating. Need MORE???? 772-205-1859

Unscrew and remove the plug with attached pencil zinc. Note the scale build up on the zinc.
Inspect the zinc for degradation and need for replacement.
This is the rear end of the heat exchanger. Be aware that sea water may pour out of this end. Prepare to catch or absorb the sea water with paper towels.
An accessory oil cooler for either the transmission or hydraulic accessories such as stabilizers or thrusters.
Because this oil cooler is usually below the water line you may want to shut off the sea cock. Or, be quick with your finger to plug the hole. The blue bucket is used as a catch basin.
These four pencil zincs were removed and replaced. You can see the evidence that the old zincs were exhausted and in need of replacement.
The zincs comes with a bar code and price tag attached. Be sure to remove this sticker before installation.
Mission Accomplished! This zinc is now 100% effective.

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