TrawlerFest Stuart FL


Save the date for the perfect place to be in February- Sunny Stuart Florida!

Captains Chris and Alyse have once again been invited to present trending topics for the questioning cruiser at TrawlerFest in Stuart Florida.

This is our seminar schedule:

  • Tuesday, Feb. 28, 8:30-10:30 a.m. Provisioning. Captains Chris & Alyse Caldwell share much more than your typical shopping list. These experienced cruisers will help you learn what you should bring along to prepare for your cruise away from home port. Consider everything from spare parts and tools to first aid and groceries and how to replenish these supplies while cruising. Then, where do you store these items? We will explore what works in the real world of boating and what doesn’t. You just might rethink the way you’ve always done it. Plus, we’ll brief attendees on considerations for cruising with pets with help from big dog Bert.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 28, 10:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Cruising Tips From A Cruisin’ Couple From their first weekend adventures to living the dream aboard their 44-foot trawler, your eyes will be opened by Captains Chris and Alyse Caldwell as they share their experiences cruising together– and still managing to  like each other! To live and work together in a small boat couples need to find a comfort zone and understand each role onboard. True, you can only have one  captain but if you both contribute different skill sets then you’ll have 100 percent teamwork. Bring your tablet or laptop and we can show you a few tricks for easy navigation and trip planning too. This presentation is a must for future cruisers who are wondering how it can be done.
  • Wednesday, March 1, 10:45-12:30. p.m.Choosing, Maintaining and Troubleshooting Dinghies and Outboards, with Chris Caldwell Cruising is no fun without a good dinghy and outboard, yet the choice of dinghy is too often an afterthought and without a working knowledge of how to fix them, life with outboard motors can be a pain in the neck. Longtime live aboard and trainer, Chris Caldwell shares tricks and tips and briefs attendees on the pros and cons of different dinghy types, maintenance and troubleshooting. He is joined by Marty Milley, owner of M &M Marine Services in Fort Pierce, who will disassemble, clean and reassemble a carburetor in real time for the class.
  • Wednesday, March 1, 10:45-12:30 p.m. Admirals Roundtable A Women’s Panel with Alyse Caldwell, Becky Fickett, Kathryn Besemer and Jill Sechez A standing joke in the cruising community goes like this: He may be the captain, but she is the admiral, because if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Or something like that…..Come and learn from experienced cruising women Alyse Caldwell, Becky Fickett, Kathryn Besemer and Jill Sechez, all have cruised but with distinctly different experiences. This seminar is for women who think they may want to go cruising or who have only recently entered into the cruising lifestyle and have a wide range of questions best answered by other women, and, alas, without any men in the room.
  • Thursday, March 2, 8:30-10:30. Bahamas Bound: Destination AbacosA cruise to the Bahamas is no longer the great mystery it once was. Captains Chris and Alyse discuss everything from when to cross the Gulf Stream and supplies to have on hand to available forms of communications and Customs and immigration issues you’ll experience in getting there and back. Electronics make the crossing easier and in less than one day most boats find a wonderful marina or anchorage awaiting their arrival. On to the islands of Abacos!
  • Friday March 3, 3:30. Learn How to Change Your Fuel Filter Without Spilling A Drop! Is your engine struggling? Do you have water in your fuel filter? Can you see coffee grounds in the view port? Save Money and time by learning to troubleshoot and change these filters yourself. Ask Captain Chris how you can do this and more to get back on the waterway having fun!
  • Saturday March 4, 2:30. Inflatable PFDs (Life Jackets) & Rescue Line Toss Demonstration, Presented by Captain Chris Yacht Services Just because you wear an inflatable Personal Flotation Device (PFD) doesn’t mean it’s ready to inflate. Learn more about different types of inflatable PFDs and their care and maintenance. Step up and volunteer to pull the rip cord and see how it works. Take a few minutes to discover which works best for you. And learn how you can easily retrieve that “Man Overboard” with our LINE TOSS demonstration too. Ask Captain Chris all about boating safety!

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