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August 15, 2022

These articles originally appeared in our Thursday August 11th edition. If you were a subscriber, you would have read them already.

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Ask Captain Chris About Consulting With You

Ask Captain Chris for Help So you have this dream of cruising your own boat to places you’ve never been before. Captain Chris can help you get there. Maybe you are considering more boat than [...]

Paper or Electronic Charts

In the boating world we are inspired to ask what the experts think- best boat? twin engines or single? which anchor? Most recently someone asked do you NEED paper charts if you have electronics. So here is our two dollars worth. We believe in both paper charts and a marine GPS Chartplotter...yup both. Belts and suspenders may look awkward but they work. And here are a few reasons why. [...]

Top Five DIY Maintenance Items for Boat Owners

WOW! There are a lot of reasons to learn about your boat and its systems. Some key areas that will effect almost every boat owner can be easily mastered. Here are my top 5 maintenance skills you can and should DIY to save money and time: [...]

Do It In A Dinghy!

Ever wonder how to get ashore from your anchored boat? How do you take your dog on shore patrol? Do it in a DINGHY!! But just buying a dinghy is not that simple. What is the mission of the dinghy and how will you store it aboard? [...]

Hinckley and Dereli Jet Propulsion Boats

We all have had the discussion about gas or diesel but have you ever considered Jet Propulsion for your pleasure boat? [...]

Boat Yard Tour With Captain Chris

Hal found our website and poked around all the different articles and videos to get an idea what we are all about. He first contacted Captain Chris to accompany him on a sea trial as a coach and interpreter, learning more than he expected. [...]

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