Look Closer At The Perfect Boat

Engine room access is essential when you should plan to be in there at least every day before starting the engines.

Do you know what’s what?

Planning to buy a boat? Do you really know what you are looking at once you get aboard? Check out these photos to see how much you understand about boat systems or …Ask Captain Chris BEFORE you start your quest for the perfect boat.

Aside from length, single or twin engines, one or two heads and price there is so much more to know about boats to make an informed decision. We believe you should know more about the equipment and systems aboard your boat and we can help you learn!

  • What makes it go?
  • What keeps it running?
  • How does it keep you cool when sleeping?
  • Just what is that gadget and do I need it to have fun and be safe?

Join us in Vero Beach, Florida for two days of Introduction to Boat Systems, a class for those who want to Do It Yourself! Don’t be caught off guard and think you are getting a great boat only to learn about all the uh-ohs… after the sale.

Tour these photos below to determine what is what. Do you know if the part is good or bad? If you can service it yourself? Or do you need to schedule a technician?

We will assist you on vessel sea trials and surveys before you buy or join us in Vero for two days to become a self reliant and smarter boat buyer. Just Ask Captain Chris!