DIY at Crackerboy Boat Yard in Fort Pierce Florida

It was time… time to haul our 44 foot Trawler Sandy Hook and have some bottom work done. Periodically your boat needs to be dry docked, hauled out and set on the hill to have the bottom scraped and painted.

Since you are high and dry take advantage of this time to have some additional work done. You may pull the wheels and no, your trawler doesn’t have training wheels. This is slang for removed the propellers so they can be re-tuned. You can also service the through hull fittings. This means we take them apart, clean them and put them back together. The first one is always a relearning curve and then the rest are easy to do.

After installing the reworked props and adding new zincs we paint the running gear (shafts and struts) and prepare for launch.  SPLASH is the unofficial term for launching your boat: NO Cash NO splash so pay your yard bill before launching or you don’t get launched.

With new bottom paint and attention to equipment below the water line You are now ready to start cruising again.

We would like to thank the gang at Crackerboys in Fort Pierce, Todd Blair of Blair Propeller in Stuart and Dave Arnold of Fort Pierce for helping us get back into the water on schedule.

Call us for your private time “Building Cruising Confidence as a Couple”. Click through photos below to see the fun we had in the boatyard. Our video shows a recent haul out with a Kadey Krogen. Enjoy!