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Ask Captain Chris About Changing Racor Filters

Captain Chris Yacht Services
Ask Captain Chris About Changing Racor Filters
A little overdue for changing. Ask Captain Chris how to change your fuel filters....and when!
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We love hearing from you! Keep those cards and letters coming :-)

Jim joined us at our Introduction To Boat Systems Seminar and learned about fuel filters and so much more. We appreciate Jim sharing this photo with us...they were a little overdue for replacement. Surprising that they didn't stall the engines!


Capt Chris,

I followed your instructions on changing racor filters. You made it so easy.


Here's a photo of the filters I took out. Don't know how long they had been in. I replaced them with 30 micron.  

Spin on filters at 10 micron are next.

Thanks again.



And below we have included a bonus video for you! Watch Captain Chris actually change the fuel filter one morning before docking practice with another client. Ask Captain Chris! 772-205-1859

These are SEPAR brand fuel filter system on another boat. When the fuel is clean this is what it should look like.
Clean fuel filters are best stored in the engine room where you need them. The chemical stinks! And you will not be happy if they are stored under your berth. Don't forget to change the replacement gaskets/o rings that come with the filter element.
The vacuum gauge will give you a bit of warning when the fuel filter begins to get dirty beyond its usefulness.

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