Happy New Year my friend.  I just received the new Passagemaker, and all I can say is WOW!


I have been around boats and the water for many years, I have read many, many boating magazine articles, and I have met many folks associated with the boating industry. It is such a pleasure for me to see Passagemaker finally getting it right. You guys deserve every bit of positive recognition and praise that this article is sure to send you way. A lot of folks just “talk the talk”- but you two really “walk the walk”. You have taken your passion for cruising and turned it into a full time profession. But more than that, much more, is that you do it with such dedication, commitment, and happiness. You change people’s lives in such a positive way, and there is no higher calling.


I am so proud of our friendship, and I look forward to having the chance to visit with you sometime in the near future. Please give my best to Alyse, and of course, be safe on the water!





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