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Grand Banks 46 - SOFT LANDING sends thanks

Mainship 400 Crossing Lake Okeechobee

Training Aboard a Marine Trader 49 in Chesapeake Bay

Grand Banks 46 from ManO'War Bahamas to Stuart Florida


Beneteau Swift Trawler 42 Project Management

Training aboard a Jersey 40 Sportfisherman

Trawler Training Texas Style

Photo / Video Log Summaries

Wizard Marlin - Until It's Time for a Cruising Boat
We know that some of you are still planning for the time you can cruise away on your perfect boat. Until then, why not get started on the fundamentals of boating with this awesome trailer boat?

A proper cleat knot looks as if two rivers are flowing under a bridge when the line is looped around the cleat correctly.

Tie A KNOT...Not a LOT!
There's an old nautical saying for the uninitiated mariner:

A Gulfstar Motor Cruiser at anchor in the Florida Keys. We can see the bottom!

Anchoring Is Easy With Captain Chris
Anchoring IS easy when you Ask Captain Chris. Thanks for registering to receive our FREE Training Tips. Hope to meet you soon at one of our classes or aboard your boat!

Arm signals are a great form of communication- no shouting over the wind required. On this Kadey Krogen the mate is pointing to where the anchor is and directing the helmsman where to drive.

Weigh Anchor
Glad you could join us for our third Anchoring Tips issue. Now you've experienced a calm and relaxing night at anchor. It is time to bring the anchor back aboard. If you are lucky then you also have an anchor windlass or capstan to help with the heavy lifting.

Be sure you understand the different anchor designs so you select the right tool to do the job.

Anchor Designs and Their Purpose
In this second email of our Anchoring Tips series we want to open your eyes to the many different types of anchors. It is important to know your sea floor - mud, sand, rocks, grass - in order to select the correct anchor type which will provide the best holding power.

Scouting out the perfect place to anchor overnight.

Anchoring Overnight
Thanks for signing up to receive our FREE Anchoring Tips. This is the first of four in this series. You will also receive the other tips by email over the next few days. But if you have any questions...Ask Captain Chris!

After backing in this BIG single engine boat, BIG SMILES all around ready to meet their new dock neighbors!

Docking Tips with Captain Chris
Docking can be easy if you Ask Captain Chris. Thanks for registering for our FREE training tips.

Be ready to deploy your lines without any help on the dock...and NO jumping please!

Perfect Docking...No Jumping Please
Because you have already received the first three emails in our FREE Docking series you are familiar with the role of wind and current, proper preparation and crew readiness. Let's put them together and we will notice one more consideration for Perfect Docking...but No Jumping Please.

Fenderboards keep your fenders in place against your hull when docked alongside a piling. This fenderboard is actually a schedule 40 thick wall PVC pipe. More often it is made from a wood plank.

Docking With Fenderboards
When we were kids we called them BUMPERS not knowing their proper name: FENDERS.

The wind is blowing on the beam from the port to the starboard and is pretty strong.

Use Wind or Current When Docking
Wind and Current can send immediate shivers down your spine....or you can learn to use these naturally occuring situations to your advantage. And the strength of either wind or current should not lull you into a false sense of security.

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