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Trawler Training with A Georgia Peach

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A Trawler Is In Our Boating Future

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ASPEN Catamaran TrawlerFest Anacortes Washington 2013

Maintenance Summaries

Buying a Boat is Easier When You Learn With Captain Chris
I recently received a BIG compliment from a client currently in the boat buying process...and remember I teach you how to maneuver and maintain your boat, I don't sell boats.

Windlass or Capstan. They both need some preventative maintenance.

Maintaining Your Anchor Windlass
Whether you already own your boat or are looking to purchase one, it is essential to include the anchor windlass in a thorough maintenance review.

Not a very glamorous photo but where would we be without this essential piece of marine equipment?

One Head or Two?
There is a silly expectation- make that a guarantee -that when two or more boaters are gathered then the topic of conversation will quickly come around to the head. We know! This is about as hot a topic as it gets. One head or two? And for the newly initiated to the boating life, we are referring to marine toilets.

Just Say NO! to a Propane Refrigerator Aboard a Boat!
Dual powered refrigeration or triple powered- that is the question.

To squeeze under low fixed bridges that won't open no matter how nicely you talk to the bridge tender, Ask Captain Chris how it's done.

Stepping Your Mast
Yes...a mast is found on a sailboat AND most of our training focuses on the power boat but even SOME Trawlers have a mast. So, what can you do to fit under fixed bridges when you have a mast?

Running Gear
Running Gear...and we don't mean sneakers. Just what should you expect to find when you look at the hull of your boat...below the waterline?

BlogTalk Radio - Ask Captain Chris About Contaminated Oil & Fuel
BlogTalk Radio sponsored by AGLCA - America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association.

Remember, steam is different than smoke.

What Color Is Your Engine Smoke?
What color is your diesel engine's smoke? Is it really smoke or maybe it could be steam?

Look at the chocolate milk on the left dipstick. On the right is a dipstick which looks like it was wiped clean, ready to check the oil...but look closer and you may see the honey colored oil- Clean!

What Flavor Is Your Motor Oil?
What flavor is your motor oil?

Checking your sea strainer for debris is an easy skill to master using a flashlight and no tools.

Top Five DIY Maintenance Items for Boat Owners
DIY. Do It Yourself. You might say, "yeah right, I am not a mechanic and have no experience with mechanical or electrical so why should I try?"

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