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Detroit to Nashville via Florida - Cruising Part of the Great Loop

Kadey-Krogen 48 Trawler Training & Building Cruising Confidence

Living the Dream - Onboard Your Own Boat!

On Board With Captain Chris

Deltaville Seminar with Captains Chris & Alyse

Bridges? How do I navigate under drawbridges or get the drawbridge to open?

TrawlerFest Baltimore - Trawler Training with the Experts

Kadey Krogen 39 New Owner Training Delivery

Owner Training Summaries

At the docks in Beaufort SC this Krogen Express 52 awaits clear weather for the next leg of their adventure.

Krogen Express 52 Fort Pierce FL to Charleston SC
New owners of this gorgeous Krogen Express 52 asked for help with their cruising adventure. Just Ask Captain Chris.

Cruisers 455 waiting at the dock for Captain Chris to come aboard for training.

Texas 2-Step on a Cruisers 455
These Texans called Captain Chris for training aboard their new boat after meeting us at a Great Loop Looperpalooza in Fort Myers a few months back.

Mariner 40 With Cummins Single Engine
Should I stay or Should I go? This owner had her boat for sale and had a moment of she asked Captain Chris to help.

Prima 45 at the dock raring to get started on her loop!

Prima 45 Trawler Training on The Tennessee River
Tom and Linda are new owners of this 45 Trawler. Cast off Aqua Yacht Harbor, Pickwick Lake, TN River headed downstream to Land Between the Lakes Kentucky, Green Turtle Bay. Total distance 180 miles...but how did we get here in the first place?

Who is going where?

Everyone is abuzz with AIS, Automatic Identification System. There is such a thing as TMI - Too Much Information.

Heritage East 46 with aft Cockpit sits at the dock in Tarpon Springs Florida.

Heritage East 46 Trawler Training
Mark and Laurie just purchased a trawler in Tarpon Springs Florida and invited us aboard to help build their cruising confidence. But that's not our first introduction so let's take a quick step back in time.

This is no ORDINARY's a schedule 40, thick wall PVC pipe with end caps. JAZZY!

Docking With Fender Boards
Many new boaters ask how many fenders do I need on a boat...but what about fender boards? What's a fender board, you ask??

Tamara checking out the engine room, in particular, the Cummins exhaust system.

On Board With Captain Chris
Kim and Tamara bought a 42Ft Trawler in the Fort Myers area and asked me to help them learn more about their below deck systems. Five hours later we had toured from the anchor locker to the rudder posts and everything in between.

Are you confused with all these codes, triangle, red over green, yellow decal, four sign boards on one piling. Bet your electronics won't tell you which direction to steer. You just have to know this stuff!

Paper or Electronic Charts
In the boating world we are inspired to ask what the experts think- best boat? twin engines or single? which anchor? Most recently someone asked do you NEED paper charts if you have electronics. So here is our two dollars worth. We believe in both paper charts and a marine GPS Chartplotter...yup both. Belts and suspenders may look awkward but they work. And here are a few reasons why.

They all look alike...or DO they?

Do It In A Dinghy!
Ever wonder how to get ashore from your anchored boat? How do you take your dog on shore patrol? Do it in a DINGHY!! But just buying a dinghy is not that simple. What is the mission of the dinghy and how will you store it aboard?

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