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Marine Toilets- One Head or Two?
Captain Chris Yacht Services
One Head or Two?
Not a very glamorous photo but where would we be without this essential piece of marine equipment?
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There is a silly expectation- make that a guarantee -that when two or more boaters are gathered then the topic of conversation will quickly come around to the head. We know! This is about as hot a topic as it gets. One head or two? And for the newly initiated to the boating life, we are referring to marine toilets.

A head is what most in the cruising life call the bathroom. The reason it's called the head? According to some salty dawgs it originates waaaay back in the days of sailing ships to describe where the crew would relieve themselves..really!

This ancient toilet was literally a hole near the bowsprit where the figurehead was secured. Before any vacuflush, electrascan or even hand pump plumbing was invented for marine use you can imagine the mechanics of flushing overboard on a boat. Even boat builders hundreds of years ago had to make the decision- One Head or Two?

So we ask the question how many heads are important on a boat? The video below is short, not so sweet but very direct as to why this couple likes two heads aboard their boat as they cruise the great loop.

If you've poked around our website then you already know we lived aboard our boat for over 15 years and cruised here for even more. We will both take two heads over one every time. Even if you both have the same fastidious habits (and who really does?) two heads just makes sense. 

It's a boat and things on a boat break...when you least expect it and when it's least convenient. So having a second head is quite civil when you are trying to repair the broken parts of your marine toilet, when a guest tries to flush too much toilet paper, or when you are waiting for the parts to be delivered because you didn't think you needed to have them handy on board. 

So Ask Captain Chris how to learn about your marine head, the basic maintenance required and all sorts of other equipment on your boat. Join us at a 2 day Introduction to Boat Systems Seminar. Learn more here or give us a call 772-205-1859


Vacuflush is a popular brand of marine toilet that comes with its own specific maintenance requirements.
Below deck the y valve should be directed to the holding tank unless you are more than 3 miles off shore in the ocean or 12 miles off shore in the Gulf of Mexico. Never pump directly overboard in inland waterways including lakes and rivers.
Ruh-Roh! This y valve has so much crud inside that it is beyond repair. Once you understand how the system works this is not a difficult part to replace to keep the head flushing smoothly.

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