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Introduction To Boat Systems - Maintained By YOU The Boat Owner

Day to Day Maintenance

Captain Chris Yacht Services
Day to Day Maintenance
Get to know your engine room.
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Part of buying and owning a cruising boat is keeping up with maintenance. Don't fret- many of us who aren't certified mechanics can and DO take care of our boats...and we perform easy and routine tasks that often prevent costly future problems. After all, as boat owners we are responsible for a small city....(gulp!)

First, be honest with yourself:

  •     Are you familiar with your below deck systems or is it all like an alien spaceship?
  •     Can you handle the day to day items that may need attention?
  •     Or do you wait until something is broken then call a tech to help?
  •     Is the most important item on your boat a towing membership?

We offer Introduction to Boat Systems seminars in Florida to help prepare you to take care of your boat...sometimes even before you actually own a boat.

Take a look at a few of these photos and learn more about the service you can do as an owner with out having to call a service tech or even worse, ....wait for them to show up!

Can you find the fuel filter on this Yanmar engine? How about the battery switches?
Fuel Manifold system for a twin engine boat with supply and return lines. See if you can trace where the fuel goes. If not- Ask Captain Chris. Don't forget the generator!
When replacing the raw water impeller, which way should the vanes bend? Clockwise or counterclockwise? Do you believe the drawing on this cover?
This dragger needle is in the yellow zone on this fuel vacuum gauge. What would you do?
Can you locate the fuel pump, supply & return line, fuel filter, injector pump and the raw water pump? How would you change the oil on this generator?
How would you manually test the shielded float switch on this bilge high water alarm system?
Look for the raw water strainer supplying cooling water to the Kohler generator. Then notice the black water lift muffler and the vacu-flush generator for the toilet system.
Dripless shaft seal behind the reduction gear (transmission) with ATF hoses running to and from the heat exchanger.
Open the sound shield to inspect your generator for leaks of any kind. What does that big yellow electrical cable do? Hint: yellow is the new black!
Get to know your engine room and all the below deck systems on your boat. Learn more at our Boat System Seminar - just Ask Captain Chris when our next class is scheduled.
Replace your hose clamps on your propeller shaft log. Notice the green bonding wire. Can you solve the reason that the hose clamp got rusty?
Before.....the bilge pump impeller clogged with pet hair.
....and after! Remove the clog to make the impeller more effective in pumping the water from the bilge.
Oops! Another bilge pump where the impeller fell off. Time to buy a complete new bilge pump as the shaft and nut rusted off.
This hose barb broke off from the red bilge pump housing. Time to buy a complete new bilge pump...again!
Can you see the broken off red bilge pump hose barb INSIDE of the black rubber hose?
Refilling the battery water is easier when you use a specially designed battery filler jug. The spring loaded nozzle will not allow overflow. Less mess!
Make sure you have the correct replacement part to rebuild your toilet hand pump. In this case, we know it's a 1998 design because of the blue decal and grey handle.
When buying parts for anything aboard your boat, it is a great idea to use your smart phone camera before you go to the store. Then you won't mistakenly buy the wrong parts or have to make two trips.
Join us in Florida at a Boat Maintenance Seminar where you can learn to perform easy maintenance tasks and build your cruising confidence. DIY! Just Ask Captain Chris!

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