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Trawler Training
Captain Chris Yacht Services
Nordhavn 47 - Owners Learn Paravanes to Passagemaking with Captain Chris
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This Nordhavn 47 is the perfect dream boat for cruising the East Coast, Bahamas and Caribbean...even crossing the Atlantic! Lots of Photos and even a video of this dream boat can let you dream along with the new owners...

Mike and Mari just purchased their Nordhavn 47 and asked Captain Chris to work with them. In addition to learning all about the equipment needed to run this system intensive vessel, they also became more comfortable in operating this single engine full displacement trawler with the help of an experienced training captain.

Starting in North Palm Beach we spend the first day reviewing all the below deck systems including the get-home engine, generator, active fin stabilizers and the fuel distribution manifold. You don't need to be a mechanic to understand the function and operation of this specialty equipment. Captain Chris makes it all make sense.

This long distance Passagemaker has two saddle tanks, a dedicated get-home fuel tank and a "day tank." Depending on how long your day is or how fast you operate the main engine the day tank might last all day, allowing time for refilling at the end of your travel day. Fuel can be transferred depending on supply needs or to be used as ballast in heavy seas.

Above decks we work with the passive stabilizers also known as Birds, Fish or properly termed Paravanes. These are the delta-shaped, steel downriggers seen on shrimp boats and on boats seen during the movie Perfect Storm. Be sure to scroll down this page -first to the video then to see the many photos including the Paravanes.

Single engine boats have a personality, often walking right in reverse. Instead of seeing this as a problem personality, we practiced docking using this walk-right-in-reverse trait as an advantage to reduce dependency on the electric thrusters. After a day of practice docking and anchoring in the Palm Beach/Lake Worth area we pointed our bow north.

In the days ahead we experienced bottom suction, cross currents due to tidal influence and shallow sand bars. All part of your hands-on education, we prepare you for the real world of a cruiser. After a few days aboard I stepped off in Melbourne and watched Mike and Mari cruise towards Oriental, NC.

Watch the Chesapeake this summer and you may spot this majestic Nordhavn gunk holing in a cove or possibly at Trawler Fest this September.

If you would like me to help you transition into your new dream boat.....just Ask Captain Chris!

Consider one of our garage workshops in Vero Beach FL to learn more about many systems that make boating more fun! Click here for the what-when-where....or call Captain Chris 772-205-1859.

Mike and Mari with James Knight on their first day aboard the boat as owners!
This Keel Cooler AKA Grid Cooler replaces the need for a raw water pump with rubber blade impellers. Most Nordhavns have this feature along with a dry exhaust stack- very different than a water cooled exhaust as seen on most other trawlers.
The hole in the rudder will allow for easy propeller shaft removal without having to remove the rudder. Of course, the propeller won't fit through the hole! Just the shaft.
Any ideas what this is? This high tech steering lever has a pointer showing where the rudder is supposed to be.
The rudder angle indicator is connected to the rudder tiller showing the exact angle of the rudder. Do you know what the green and red colors mean? Nothing, right now as the circuit breaker is off!
This 6 foot draft boat cannot float in 5 feet of water. So, it must mean that the transducer was offset to read water depth under the keel. We find this is a more meaningful number to keep us off the sandbars.
This jumble of boat names is what happens when everyone leaves their AIS in the transmit mode.
Break time! Everyone get their toys out to play!! Sammy is an essential crew member who reminds us to take time out for fun.
The bilge pump counter is an accessory which reports how many times your bilge pump was activated since the last time you reset it. How many times is too much? You need to learn what is normal for your boat.
A key component to your autopilot is this fluxgate compass. This sends electronic signals to the autopilot for it to steer the boat.
Oops! Under the bed we find a safe....made of steel! Compasses are attracted to steel creating a compass error. So we removed the safe and now the compass gives accurate readings. Locate your fluxgate compass, keeping cans and tools far from it.
Rust chunks fall from the anchor chain as it feeds through the capstan gypsy.
When buying your boat be sure to check the anchor chain all the way to the bitter end, noting weak links from rust.
The get-home engine is mounted to port in a reverse vee-drive configuration. Notice the battery box to the right of the photo and the dedicated fuel tank top right.
Navigation and trip planning are essential skills to add to your cruising adventure. Electronic technology cannot replace the reliability of the paper chart.
The delta-shaped paravane is stored on the transom, nesting in a rocket launcher. This is not currently attached to the vessel boom and is not ready for use.
On the port transom see the paravane in storage. The booms are midship and are not ready for use. Not a problem today because this Nordhavn is also equipped with active fin stabilizers.
What a terrific navigation suite in this roomy pilot house! The crew can drive in air-conditioned comfort all summer long and ride out any afternoon thunderstorms without donning the foul weather gear too!
Positions everyone! Mari at the helm...
...while Mike manages the anchor detail at the bow. Head sets are a welcome tool but make sure the batteries are charged and both are turned ON.

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