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Coast Guard Auxiliary Member Comes Aboard a Gulfstar MC for a Hands-on Refresher

Captain Chris Yacht Services
Coast Guard Auxiliary Member Comes Aboard a Gulfstar MC for a Hands-on Refresher
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Sometimes you just need to get out on a boat and test yourself. You may have read all about a technique or even have performed it in the past. But sometimes you get rusty when you are away from boating for too long. That's where training aboard our boat comes in handy.

This couple had been exposed to most of the book knowledge provided by the Coast Guard Auxiliary but needed to put action to it. Some things are difficult to translate on a jet ski so they spent a few days getting their sea legs back again.

 (NOTE: We no longer charter our boat but are pleased to come aboard YOUR boat anywhere for personal training with you and your mate)

Line handling 101.
Some below decks system management before we get underway.
Time to pick up a mooring ball in Stuart Florida.
SANDY HOOK swinging on the mooring ball.
Captain Chris in his bright float coat taking Bert to shore in the dinghy. This coat is a great reflector as the sun sets and also gives us piece of mind as a life jacket- no inflation required! Find it at LandFall Navigation in our favorite link section.
Day three and we are heading into the St. Lucie Lock in the Okeechobee waterway.
Chuck handled lines on the first locking....
...while Joyce is the deckhand on the second locking back down to the level of the Atlantic.
This time we had a few other boats for company while we locked through.
Back through the Roosevelt bridges- three of them, a car bascule, and railroad bridge and a 65 foot fixed bridge. Lots of current in this narrow piece of the St. Lucie River.
Navigating using a mid channel marker in Manatee Pocket.
Someone had a bad day on the water! This day marker has been knocked over and is poorly visible. Let's hope the Coast Guard repairs this soon.
Teamwork makes it happen! This couple learns how to work together to play on each other's skills and strength.
Let's go cruising!

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