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Trawler Training- Full Displacement or Semi Planing Hull, Fleming, Krogen Express, Marlow

Captain Chris Yacht Services
Trawler Training- Full Displacement or Semi Planing Hull, Fleming, Krogen Express, Marlow
Barbara and Roger on the bow of SANDY HOOK
Additional Images
Roger and Barbara have waterfront property, a 13 foot bridge to clear when they come in from the waterway and they still aren't sure if they want a true trawler or a faster semi-planing boat. Captain Chris to the rescue!!

(NOTE: We no longer charter our boat but are pleased to come aboard YOUR boat anywhere for personal training with you and your mate)....well maybe he's not a super hero but Captain Chris can surely help you sort out many of your questions when you first start out to buy a boat. Spending a few days aboard our 44 foot trawler gives novice boaters the opportunity to experience things they may never have understood otherwise. Reading a book or attending a classroom lecture is a great start. But when you are ready to take your education to the next level many people come aboard with us for some hands-on training.

Helping you to determine the mission for your boat, Captain Chris then offers ideas about various hulls designs and what each function and design can do to accomplish that mission.

In addition to a fabulous four days of living, learning and traveling aboard with us, this couple had their eyes opened to hull design. Hull shapes and usually underwater equipment like bow thrusters, stabilizers and barn door rudders were made accessible when we took them to a boat yard at the end of our training.

Avid bird enthusiasts, this couple relished their time aboard with us. Not only were we surrounded by sea birds- heron, egret, osprey and the like- but fishing from the deck each morning is a wonderful way to start your day. Check out the photos and see how much fun you can have trawler training with Captain Chris.

Making sense of the chart books and guides before we start out on the water.
Learning lines, especially the bowline knot.
Engine room basics for an understanding of what happens below decks.
We are one of a very few power boats in the mooring field.
Picking up a mooring ball.
Dinner is served on the aft deck.
Moonrise over Vero Beach!
Captain Chris walking Bert or is it the other way around?
Captain Chris teaching anchoring before we actually lower the anchor from the bow pulpit later in the day.
Water cooling systems....what's an impeller?
Learning to maneuver using both engines. Just ask Barbara how easy it is to steer the boat without using the STEERING wheel!
Hot cocoa on the flybridge keeps the helmsman happy!
Our feathered friends share the marina with us.
This bird spends so much time UNDER the water fishing that when he comes up for air he tries to dry his wings.
This travel lift dwarfs us mere humans as it is meant to lift and haul-out up to a 75 ton boat.
SANDY HOOK swinging on a mooring ball in a very protected mooring field.

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